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When you need to fill critical and support positions within your company, you want it done quickly and correctly.  It is expensive when your company staffing efforts resemble a revolving door at Macy’s on Black Friday.  Wilson Marketing Associates specializes in targeting and placing employees that STAY.  Retention is the key to our company’s success and we strive for it with every hire.  WMA employees are driven for success and understand the adverse consequences of bouncing around from job to job. 


We also take pride in our ability to create working matches between our client companies and the candidates we present.  We understand that it is only one element to have  the knowledge and experience to be competent at a job….  and a completely other dynamic when it comes to having the right type of  cooperative spirit needed  to be truly successful at any given position within your company.  We interview for knowledge, personality, drive and loyalty.


Our combined 30 years of working in our industry has given us a level of discernment that allows us to recruit some of the best talent in your industry.  We are highly excited to work on your positions at no risk to you.  Call us and we will be happy to discuss your next or ongoing staffing project.


We are available to speak at any time.  Feel free to reach out.

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Serving Palm Beach, Broward and Dade county

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Here is what some of our clients have to say...

“Wilson Marketing Associates has worked on a number of our higher end openings including a Service Manager and Urological Coordinator.  After months of searching on our own, we decided to use an agency for the first time.  I was very skeptical about the expense but since we were having very little success, it made sense to let an agency work on it, especially since there was a “guarantee” attached to any new hires. 


The short list provided to us was impressive as the resumes were spot on with the requirements of the open positions.  All of the candidates that were chosen for interviews were well informed on the intricate details of the position and well prepared.  The hardest part for me was deciding which candidate would be best since they could all obviously do the job well.  To this day, the employees provided by WMA are still employed with us and have made a considerable impact on my company’s bottom line.  We are expanding into a new retail location and profits at the main location are on the rise.  I would definitely recommend giving Wilson Marketing Associates a shot at your open positions.” 

                                                                                                -Angel Pardo, President

                                                                                                 DMR, Corp. |   Doral, FL

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